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31 July 2008 @ 07:57 pm
Photoshop Love and Naming Inanimate Objects  

Haha! I'm so excited! I installed Adobe Photoshop CS2 last night. It's going to be my first time playing with the version since the former love-of-my-life desktop, Berta, lacked the system capabilities needed for the proper operation of CS2. But now Aida, new love-of-my-life notebook computer, has enough space for everything. Literally everything downloadable from the intarnutz. Okay, I'm exaggerating. Fine, almost everything. Haha. And multi-tasking to the limit. xD (Core 2 Duo processor, 4.00GB of RAM, 250GB of HD, 64-bit OS. *winkwink* Yes, I brag! Haha! xD)

But what I'm really excited about is the brushes for CS2! Can you believe how incredible the brushes made for this version are? Those hi-resolution 1000px++ brushes. O_O Those beautiful brushes that cause the amateur makers cringe from shame and inferiority! AND ZOMG THEY'RE ALL SOOO FREE.

Way back when all I had was the meager 512MB of Berta and the erm not-worth-mentioning HD, I refrained from visiting those hi-res brush sites. I couldn't stand looking at all the pretty brushes I couldn't download because of specification insufficiency.

I can't imagine going back to the life I had with Berta. Now, I have my lovely, lovely Aida. I can't wait to start photoshop-ping. ZOMG!!!~ I'm so thrilled! :D :D :D But I can't do that until tomorrow. Roommate is tutoring online, so if I start downloading those gazillionMB-sized brushes she'll kill me. ISP is not credible so might as well not risk it. Plus, other housemate is taking an exam online. (So yeah. I'm basically the only bum in this house.)

Here's one of the purrrdey :x brush sets:

To those who are thinking "Who the fcuk are Berta and Aida?" even if I've already obviously described them to be computers...yes, I give names to pieces of machineries. I also introduce them to my friends. And now I will tell you how I came to give Aida her name.

Well, most of you know that my ancient desktop's name is Berta. Why did I name her Berta? I'm not sure. Haha. Actually, I named my mobile phone (Helga) before I gave one to her. "Berta" came from nowhere I guess. I just wanted something that rhymed with "Helga." Then, I named my electric fan "Jolina." HAHAHAHAHA! xD Erm. Anyway. Well, I actually also christened a plank of wood. Erm, my Molave room desk (Molave is the University dorm I stayed in last school year.) I worked so many months of sleepless nights with her that I felt guilty I wasn't attached to her, therefore, I gave her the name "Olga." But I don't have her anymore. :( I would've taken her with me had it only been possible to tear her from the wall. xD

In Johnny Rockets (Katy, Texas) where I worked the past summer, we had a cook whose name is -tantadadadan!- Berta. :D We actually had two senior cooks. The other one? Aida. :D So when I got my new notebook I decided to name her Aida. Because real-life Aida is so much nicer and so much better at work than real-life Berta. Real-life Berta is the bitch cook; Computer Berta is the piteous machine. Real-life Aida is the excellent cook; Computer Aida is the superb machine. Therefore, it was only right to give my new machine the name. After all, only a few weeks of working with Aida, she became my new favorite person and, of course, Aida rhymed with Helga, Berta, Olga and Jolina! Therefore, yayness! PWNED!

In line with the discussion of baptizing equipments, I'm still thinking of a name for my new mobile phone. Well, it's not really new. The love-of-my-life phone, Helga II, was taken away from me last month by my evil real-sister. Well, she was never mine, my sister just lent her to me. A Motorola Razr V3i Dolce & Gabbana Special Edition was given to me in exchange. Some people would say "oooh..sweeeeet phone." But I say bullcrap! This phone isn't me at all. ~_~

You want to see? You want to see? Here:

And do you have any idea how inferior its specifications are to a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic? Its external memory is only expandable to a fcuking 512MB. SO KILL ME NOW! Maybe it's not worth naming at all. It will forever be an it.

Maybe my habit of naming inanimate objects seems strange to others. But, oh well. Haha. My former roommates and some of my friends have already started naming their possessions due to my influence. xP
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Euri Darenthornenvr_existed on August 1st, 2008 10:57 am (UTC)
Wow. I'm so envious.